How the land lies

Having started in the 90s from scratch in the property markets to becoming a manager of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties I felt confident enough in my methods to go public and share my knowledge.

There are many things you need to know as an investor. And if somebody had told me about a lot of the pitfalls I could have accelerated my success quicker. It is hard to learn by trial and error. And frankly it is not the most effective way to learn.

Since I started I have seen the market go both up and down many times. Fear and Greed. But after a while you get accustomed to it and start to see buying and selling opportunities instead of being emotional about it.

Currently I am semi retired. Just living off previous gains and passive investment income. Income I earn from some good properties that more or less run themselves. Having this extra time I figured I could spread my insight free of charge through this website I now have set up.

Whatever your goals and motivations are we hope we can help and guide you to a closer understanding of the work involved being the property investor. Ricardo Alvarado - founder of this website,

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