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Written by Ricardo Alvarado. Published: January, 2016.

What made you go for the domain name BuyingInvestmentProperty.com?

There are so many domain names out there...

But I needed a domain to exactly match my philosophy. My philosophy is really to always be buying. Therefore the domain name had to be BuyingInvestmentProperty.com.

Buying...I have realized by studying the people that have built great wealth in the property business that most of them are mostly accumulators of property. They can sell a property here and there, but that is usually if they are in a bad financial situation. Or some other reason such as they want to sharpen their investment portfolio in some direction. Just have properties down town or sell things that are not working out. Or some reason like that.

The money is made in the buying process and after that it is just to keep holding. When the great property appreciate in price it is possible to refinance and use the profit to start the process of buying again without having to sell anything. That is how money is really made.

Investment...And even if it is a property does not mean it is suitable as an investment play. If that was the case you could just throw money at the first property that came around.

Buying Investment Property so there you have it. I am very happy with the domain name even if it cost an arm and a leg, but hell it is only money, but still it did not make much of a dent in the big scheme of things.

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