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Written by Ricardo Alvarado. Published: March, 2016.

If you are old, you are probably not emoji proficient. Here is some help.

Emojis are those funny letters that are small pictures. There are several sites you can visit to learn more about emojis, one of those site is Emojier

So the emojis relevant for the property speculator:

The money mouth face: 🤑

Money bag: 💰

Banknote with dollar sign: 💵

Heavy dollar sign: 💲

The king crown: 👑

Building construction: 🏗

House Buildings: 🏘

Cityscape: 🏙

Derelict house building: 🏚

House building: 🏠

House with garden: 🏡

Office Building: 🏢

Bank: 🏦

Convenience store: 🏪

Department store: 🏬

Factory: 🏭

European castle: 🏰

Cityscape at dusk: 🌆

Sunset over buildings: 🌇

So if you are asking what is the point of all this. You are not going mad, but you copy and paste these and use in your chats, email and so on. This is what is called societal progress.

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